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How Christmas Classics like Love Actually and The Grinch Can Inspire Your Career


To help you through the final working days before Christmas and the New Year, we get into the festive spirit by imparting some career advice from beloved Christmas favourites! Let your holiday regulars like The Grinch and Buddy the elf shed some twinkling light on your career, just in time for Christmas…



Potential and opportunity is actually all around

What holiday season is complete without dusting off your copy of Love Actually ( 2003)? Just like the plot of the movie, your career can take many paths too, and opportunities to seize the moment may come in unexpected ways. If you feel your career has lost its sparkle look around for ways to improve it or for new opportunities! Remember; “If you look for it I have a sneaky feeling love actually is all around”. Take this time to wrap-up any changes to your CV needed before the New Year and perfectly present any projects, you never know what could turn up at your door. 


Don’t be a Grinch, celebrate accomplishments and reflect on your goals! 

This season is one for celebration and reflection, and this also rings true for your career goals! Just consider the big revelation in How the Grinch Stole Christmas ; “Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas … perhaps… means a little bit more!”. Especially at this time of the year, it’s crucial to see how far you have come in your career and start planning your goals for 2017. Furthermore, making the most of this time is beneficial for personal and professional relationships, as well as you approach to your work.


If you’re looking for a job use some holiday gumption

If one of your Christmas wishes is for a new job, you need to prepare your CV with the take-home message of The Holiday (2006); “But I think what I've got is something slightly resembling, gumption.”.  Your skills should be as obvious to the recruiter as a badly wrapped Christmas present, and your talents must decorate your CV like shiny baubles. Highlight your accomplishments first and foremost, as potential employees won’t have time to play hide and seek to see what you can give the company in return.


Strategize and plan like an elf

Though Buddy the elf from Elf (2003) may have plans along the lines of the following “First we’ll make snow angels for a two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle”, it’s actually a surprisingly good practice to take in your career – Tollhouse Cookiedough optional. While you are making Christmas lists you may also be making a plan career wise. If you are searching for jobs ensure you know exactly what role it was, when you applied and who you contacted, so with the events of the silly season they aren’t forgotten. On the other hand, if it is goal focussed on your current job or job prospect ascertain specifically what it is you want to achieve – that promotion, more training or benefits, or a raise.


Well, we hope this spread some festive cheer and made getting through those mince pies and final meetings a little easier. Do you have any favourite Christmas lessons you apply to your career? For more festive and helpful advice see our most recent post, The Secret Ingredients to Making the Most of Your Culinary Experience


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