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7 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in 2017


Is a new job in 2017 on your Christmas wish list?  Well, you can count on us to provide you with a little job search advent calendar of your own! The best thing? This is a gift you’re sure to like…



Tip one: Unwrap your potential in your CV

Presentation is everything, so getting creative and strategic with how you approach the CV you’ll be sending to recruiters over the next few weeks is the first step. Begin with creating an up-to-date master copy of your CV, then edit it down to two pages specific to the requirements of the job application at hand; though there’ll be certain circumstances your CV may run into three pages (for example, a role in the medical field) it’s crucial you keep it concise. Recruiters will skim your CV when they receive it so make your skills and personal statement at the forefront of this, with experience explicitly listed. However, don’t shy from listing achievements with facts and examples - if you increased sales by 30% highlight it! Finally, using an active voice and legible font (not necessarily Times New Roman) will also get you on any Hiring Manger’s list. 


Tip two: Write your perfect profile

Once you have completed your CV it’s time to get your professional social platforms (such as yours here on City Calling), or portfolios, up to scratch too. A great tip is to hyperlink your email address and online platforms within your profile or CV; this makes it easier for a recruiter to click to email you back and means they’re more likely to look at the information readily accessible to them. If you do choose to use a profile picture on such platforms, it’s important that you feel confident and happy with your choice and it’s the image you wish to portray to potential employers. Ask a friend or family member to take a picture of you if you feel yours needs an update, and be confident in you!


Tip three: Search around

Job platforms, such as City Calling, are the perfect way to get your job seeking for 2017 underway. Make a list of all the things you would like to have in your next role, whether that be focused on monetary matters or career development, and some of the companies you would like to work for. Also, consider locations, salary ranges, key position titles and connections that can help with your job seeking. This will narrow down your search and enable your preferences to make better job matches for you. A win-win situation!  Then you can begin your search.


Tip four: Applying to the perfect job

So, you’ve started finding some great positions that are hiring and you’re keen to get your application in quick! Ensure you have a second pair of eyes to review your application for any errors and compile a bank of information you’re likely to need. This way you’ll have all the information you can need at your fingertips ready to submit, making the whole process easier and quicker; as we’ve said before keep note of what, and who, you apply to though!


Tip five: Stay connected

Staying connected in terms of applications and contacts while job seeking is vital! In the new year, remember to chase any leads you had prior to the Christmas break and ensure email alerts go through to your phone. For extra points download apps to aid you in your search, such as City Calling’s – get notifications pushed to your phone too so you don’t miss any opportunities. Implementing this technology to your advantage guarantees you’ll be prepared when recruiters come knocking at your door.


Tip six: Interview prep

Soon you’ll be getting calls from potential employees, so be ready to answer them and prepared with a professional answer-phone message for those times you can’t.  You can then spend some time reading up more about the companies you’ve applied for, and organise yourself in the event of an interview (travel, availability, and potential job interview outfits). Even if you are feeling prepared it can’t hurt to go over some interview practice with your loved-ones while you’re at it, as though you may not be out of practice it’ll get you in the frame of mind for when you do have one.


Tip seven: Invest your time wisely

Ultimately, it’s important to get yourself out there when you start job seeking and taking the time to do the groundwork will pay off in spades. Prioritise the applications and interviews, allocating as much time and effort as you can spare to get them right! Effort and preparation in both situations is noticeable and will take you a long way in 2017.  A bit of hustle now means an even better and brighter career in 2017!


We hope these seven tips for landing you dream job in 2017 do the trick! Do you have any others for the list? For more fantastic advice, see our latest post How Christmas Classics like Love Actually and The Grinch Can Inspire Your Career .

If you haven’t already, signup with City Calling today and get ahead in your 2017 job search. 


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