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Finding the Perfect Sales Hire this Festive Season


Finding the perfect sales person to fill your vacancy is like finding the perfect Christmas tree or present; they should be a suitable match for your company and reflect the ethos of the relationship between it and your clientele. Don’t fret though, we have your back and know exactly what to suggest…



The kind of talent you want

Whenever you start thinking about Christmas lists you consider exactly what it is you want to find, and then through all the noise and other options you get it.  What is a great sales person made from though? The handiest characteristics for your sales hire to have (which you can use searching for candidates on City Calling) are: tenacity, being goal orientated; and flexibility. This allows your hire not only to keep going after any setbacks, but continue with a positive outlook and a go get 'em attitude; which will ultimately get you plenty in return. Furthermore, being goal orientated is a gift in itself because it lets a candidate see the bigger picture and take your company to greater heights. Not to forget being able to roll with the punches and come up with solutions is incredibly valuable, so that no golden opportunity gets away. Having a passion for the product and brand is the cherry on top.


The wrapping it up stage

Ok, so you’ve found the perfect sales person, either through contacts or the application process, and you are happy with your decision. The time has come to determine how exactly things should proceed with your new employee, so that it works for both the company and them. Think probation periods, targets, and contract term.  It can be an extremely costly mistake to make the wrong decision, so depending on the specific employment contract you should be able to cover this. Give them time to settle into the business and get to know their work style. As time ticks by you’ll see the New Year is off to a rather prosperous start.


Getting it right

From the interview stage, through to the final hiring decision, there are basic etiquette rules and thought processes that must be implemented.  Like there are certain takes on re-gifting, you must be aware of the rules should you be poaching talent from the competition; remember they may have a clause against working for competitors for a certain period after their notice. Though this shouldn’t be a problem if both parties are upfront about this, it’s a time to be honest and say exactly what each require.  Another clever way to ensure you make the perfect choice is to make like you do when you don’t know what to get someone, investigate! Get to know the process of sales in the company at least a little bit and you’ll find it guides you in the hiring process.


Use these suggestions and you’ll be on the right path to finding the perfect sales person this festive season. Do you have any personal rules when you’re hiring for sales? Don’t forget to see our latest post full of useful guidance, Employee's working from home? What are the advantages and risks?

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